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Preparing for a calm and happy start with your baby? This workshop will help you to discover the art of Relaxed Parenting before your baby arrives. It is great preparation for parenthood for both mums and dads, generally best taken in the last 3-4 months of pregnancy. Led by our Postnatal expert Lynn Murphy, she will introduce you to a new baby’s natural behaviour in the weeks and months after birth. The class is held at The Active Birth Centre (find us) 

Booking Details:

  • Cost: £45 per person/£90 couple
  • Book online from links below
  • Email:  
  • Call: 020 7281 7059

Workshops now booking:

Saturday May 27th  11.00am – 2.00pm BOOK ONLINE

Friday July 21st 5.00pm – 8.00pm BOOK ONLINE

Private sessions are also available with Lynn by request

Why do babies seem fussy? Why do babies cry? And why do they sleep for short periods? In Lynn’s antenatal workshop, you will learn how to calm a crying baby and discover more about ‘colic’ and how to relieve it.

We‘ll show you how to encourage your baby to have good associations with sleep, and adjust your own expectations about sleep so you become less distressed. You will feel prepared for parenthood, and be able to welcome your baby knowing that you can make his or her transition into the world as smooth as possible.          

What you will learn about life with a newborn

  • How to welcome your baby into the world
  • How to be a confident & relaxed parent
  • How to calm your crying baby
  • How to avoid and understand colic & reflux
  • How to maximize the amount and quality of sleep for your baby – and you!
  • How to wear your baby in a sling or a carrier, which ones?
  • How to swaddle – and whether it is for your baby or not
  • What baby products are really worth buying

For anyone thinking about attending this – go for it! I can’t recommend it enough. Lovely class lead with Lynn’s usual thoughtful sensitive style. My partner said this was the best class we did before Roh was born (and I dragged him to lots of different things). We’re 8 weeks into parenthood and I’ve called on what we learnt in this workshop a lot so far, helped by great material Lynn sent by email afterwards. – Claire

Thank you so much for the course, Simon and I both really enjoyed it and got a lot out of the day. We left feeling so positive and empowered about our own abilities and instincts to come. It was tremendously grounding and calming to attend the workshop and really resonated with both us of. I felt like it sifted through all the information in piles out there and cut through to what is logical and practical. I for one found the swaddling and sling demonstrations particularly useful, youtube is great but there’s nothing like watching it in person! We also definitely learnt a good toolkit list and I feel like we now have more ideas up our sleeves to try. – Victoria

We live in this crazy age when so many so-called ‘parenting’ books and courses seem specifically designed to undermine parents’ own instincts, disempowering us all in the process. Lynn’s workshop for life with a new baby did precisely the opposite: in a supportive, enlightening, reassuring and highly enjoyable afternoon she offered expert advice that we discovered chimed with our own parenting instincts, at the same time as providing invaluably practical tips on feeding, sleeping and baby-wearing. We left feeling confident and excited rather than clueless and terrified. –  Clemmie

Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop that we both found incredibly helpful in terms of all the practical tips and the pragmatic approach advocated for responding to a new born. It was positively packed with information and allowed the opportunity for plenty of discussion and interaction, we welcomed the emphasis on being responsive to your baby rather than having to comply with the prescribed methods of parenting that are overstated and asserted nowadays. I would certainly recommend this workshop. – Cassy & Mike

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When your baby is born you can book in for Lynn’s New Baby & Me Course Looking at life with baby in a practical way by learning the art of massage for your baby in a way that deeply calms and relaxes you both! We also make time to discuss life as a new mum it is a huge life transition we all share from Independent women to Mother.


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