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We’ve got a treat for you for this month – not one, but three yoga poses of the month! Each is a posture you can do with a partner and first up is Shoulder Anchor.

Shoulder Anchor is a great posture for keeping you calm and relaxed during labour.

Sit on a ball with hips higher than your knees and feet flat comfortably wide apart. Go into your breathing and exhale down to the feet and then breathe in slowly.

Meanwhile your partner can stand behind you and gently rest his or her hands on top of your shoulders. Take a moment to touch your belly and be aware of your baby inside.

Now swap with your partner.

I get the women in my pregnancy yoga classes to practice Shoulder Anchor with a partner regularly.  It’s also a great posture to practice at home with your birth partner to help you bond and prepare you both to both stay calm and relaxed during labour.

Look out for the next Yoga Posture of the Month, next week!



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