Teaching Active Birth: Part 2 ©

Tuesday 9th May and Wednesday 10th May 

Janet Balaskas and Jill Miller

Assisted by Lynn Murphy and Lola Acarez-Perez

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Completion and Assessment

These two days will be used to complete the work you will have done in Part 1.  The first day on Tuesday 9th May will be a day of practice where the tutors will help you to prepare for your assessment on the 10th May which is the assessment day an the end of the training.  This  will involve an assessment process where you will be asked to teach the other participants who will represent your ‘clients’. You will have had plenty of time to practice and plan for this during Part 1 and you will be given your topics ahead of time and guidance for your preparation. The value of this kind of group assessment is that you will also be learning from each other – sharing creative ideas and it is usually done in a very relaxed, enjoyable and supportive way.

At the end of the final day on the 10th May you will be awarded your certificate and asked to sign the certification and use of logo agreements. In the event that you are not ready yet to pass the assessment, we will be offering you the opportunity to resit either in person or on Skype. There is a cost for this, so please click here for details http://activebirthcentre.com/active-birth-teacher-training/. In previous years most students have passed the first time, so we urge you to allow time for some self practice and reflection about your topic on the day of rest on the 8th May and to consider this part of the course.

Completing your workshop plans

Throughout the course there will be time to  work on your workshop plan and you will have prepared bullet points on cards for each topic by the end of part 1. Tutors will be on hand to assist you during part 2 and to help to make sure that you are going home with a template you can use to get started.



Course starts with ‘Seven Secrets’ – Preliminary Day on May 3rd and ends on May 10th

Teaching Active Birth – Part 1: Wednesday May 3rd, Thursday 4th, Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May (5 days)

Day of Rest and Self Practice: Monday May 8th

Teaching Active Birth – Part 2: Tuesday May 9th and Wednesday 10th May (2 days)

This training runs once in the first half of every year. Timing: from 9.30am – 5.30pm with registration starting from 9.00am.

Venue: Active Birth Centre, London

Important: Training falls within the conditions of our Active Birth Professional Training Agreement. You will be required to sign this prior to receiving your certificate. There is also an agreement to sign about using the logo before you certify and you will need to give us proof of insurance before we can add your name to the certified teachers list on this website. We do have an insurance scheme you can join if required.

We are proud that this training programme has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).



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