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In 2016 we had participants from all over the UK as well as Brussels, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Portugal, USA, Switzerland and Brazil!

Caesarean section rates are escalating at an alarming pace all over the world – in many countries the numbers have risen up to or over 50% of all births. This has huge implications for the future health of the babies born this way and also for society at large  – we loose connection with nature at our peril! 

Active Birth is a practical and effective way to bridge the gap and the huge disconnect in current maternity practices with the physiological processes that offer protection and safety to babies. This is the way forward to encourage more mothers to give birth naturally to empower midwives and doulas and to lower intervention and CS rates,

Having seen how transformative Active Birth is in the UK, we are keen to support the spread of Active Birth in other countries and welcome professional trainees from abroad.

To make it possible for you to train with us with one visit to London, we offer this course as a week long intensive with one day of rest. 

If you are interested in joining us, here are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Complete and submit the application form for the training and remember to attach a recent photo of yourself for identification purposes.
    2. Upon acceptance of your application, please book online as soon as possible or contact our administrator Alice Charlwood to make alternative arrangements for payment.

Queries: Email for further information or queries, further details about accommodation near the venue and bookings

email to



Course starts with ‘Seven Secrets’ – Preliminary Day on May 3rd and ends on May 10th

Teaching Active Birth – Part 1: Wednesday May 3rd, Thursday 4th, Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May (5 days)

Day of Rest and Self Practice: Monday May 8th

Teaching Active Birth – Part 2: Tuesday May 9th and Wednesday 10th May (2 days)

This training runs once in the first half of every year. Timing: from 9.30am – 5.30pm with registration starting from 9.00am.

Venue: Active Birth Centre, London

Important: Training falls within the conditions of our Active Birth Professional Training Agreement. You will be required to sign this prior to receiving your certificate. There is also an agreement to sign about using the logo before you certify and you will need to give us proof of insurance before we can add your name to the certified teachers list on this website. We do have an insurance scheme you can join if required.

Read what teachers from around the world say about training with us:

I am Pierra Maghella – founder of Active Birth in Italy. I am still an Active Birth Teacher. And I will forever grateful to your teaching. You have been a great inspiration and Maestra. In the last years I have been mainly doing workshops for professionals but I am still running couples classes. This year, in October, it will be 30 years that I have been back to Italy after 10 years in London when I trained with you and it will be 30 years of the foundation of MIPA: the Italian Active Birth Movement!”

My name is Talia Gevaerd de Souza. I have studied Active Birth with Janet and afterwards returned to Brazil, my home country. While I was a student in London, I have learned just so much about birth and birth preparation. Janet´s style of teaching is so clear and inspiring that it is easy and interesting to learn just about anything from her! We have founded Instituto Parto Ativo Brasil’  aiming to inform and educate professionals about Active Birth. Janet  comes to Brazil regularly and we promote a series of events for both professionals and pregnant couples.
These are always fully booked! Janet´s work has been recognized in Brazil for more than 20 years, and now that she visits us regularly people just love to attend to our events. Her contribution to improving the birth scene in our country is invaluable. We currently have the world´s highest rate in C-sections. Active Birth in the hands of Janet Balaskas, who is absolutely competent and dedicated to the wisdom of this cause , makes all the difference to us here. Herself and her lifelong work with birth are one of the huge forces we have to improve maternal and baby health for the Brazilian people!

Kine BruskasKine Bruksås, founder of MamaYoga, the largest yogastudio for prenatal and postnatal yoga in Norway: “I started the Active Birth training to deepen my knowledge on birth and birth preparation. The training has made me feel much more confident in my teachings. At my studio we have birth preparation as part of our yoga course for pregnant women in the 3. Trimester.

This course is very popular (we have about 600 women participating on this particular course every year) and we use the Active Birth principles together with yoga as the foundation of our teachings. I feel that yoga and Active Birth go together really well!

The training that Janet has developed is thorough and at the same time very accessible. For me it has also been great to feel that I am part of an international network for people who work on improving the conditions under which women of today and in the future give birth.  I feel empowered in my work and I feel strongly that what I now teach empowers women to birth with better confidence in their body and in the process of birth.

If we empower women and their partners to more actively influence the birth of their baby I greatly feel that is the best way to really make changes happen.  Janet and the other teachers at The Active Birth Centre are so resourceful and give away their knowledge with such commitment –  I feel strongly inspired by their work every day!”

e are proud that this training programme has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).



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