Basunti, India 2017 7 day retreat with Janet Balaskas APRIL 24th – MAY 1st 2017 Inspiration for Brilliant Beginnings New and Ancient Perspectives on Active Birth

The course will take place at Basunti, an idyllic private lakeside retreat in the foothills of the Indian Himalaya. Basunti is a truly special place to come to for a learning experience of a lifetime with world-renowned teacher and natural birth pioneer  Janet Balaskas.

The retreat will be for 7 nights from the 24th – 30th April. This includes half days for arrival on April 24th and departure on May 1st. To begin with there will be orientation and introductory sessions, then there will be 5 hours of training each day – 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the late afternoon for 5 days and then a completion day at the end.

Who this training is for

This residential training is a retreat bringing the renowned professional training of the Active Birth Centre to participants across the world.  It is designed for all professionals working with pregnant mothers – including midwives, doctors, doulas, nurses, birth educators, physiotherapists, yoga teachers, body workers, therapists. It is also open to experienced mothers.

Working with a variety of participants from different countries with wide-ranging expertise is rich and valuable, giving us all an opportunity to share with others, widen our perspectives and influence change and transformation in our work at home.

Why birth matters

Each year new research emerges which adds to our knowledge of the marvellous complexities physiological birth. It is an ongoing revelation how the birth process in mammals, including ourselves, is designed to ensure success, survival, protection and nurture of the newborn, with long term benefits to future health, resilience and loving relationships.

For mother and baby the time of birth is a profound and formative experience.  Although these hours represent a short episode in the whole continuum – it is a critical one in which the seeds are sown for the future.

In our times, birth by caesarean section is rapidly becoming the norm, as rates escalate all over the world. Many birth professionals do not understand the nature of birth and parents are unaware of their potential as birthgivers or the options that are open to them. This retreat will be an in-depth exploration of the physiological process, which will enable you to spread this knowledge and pass it on to the parents and professionals you are working with in an understandable and interactive way.

This training will propose a new approach where the first principle is to facilitate nature.  Then, on occasions when nature needs assistance, we will learn how interventions may be used in a way that optimises benefits and reduces harm to mother and baby.

We can help women to awaken their instincts and become confident in their ability to give birth.  This in turn will empower them to negotiate the minefield of medicalization and unnecessary obstetric intervention that they may face, with more discrimination and wisdom.